What is Solar Energy?

As the sun burns the hydrogen at its core, it releases immense amounts of energy. This energy is radiated to the Earth in the form of heat and light. We use the term “solar energy” to describe our ability to harness this energy through man-made devices.

Using the sun’s energy to work is not new. Solar technologies — some primitive, some more advanced — have been used in all ages and every part of the world. As a result of these technologies, the possibilities for solar energy are expanding as we search for innovative ways to harness solar energy to warm houses, heat water and air, and generate electricity.

How Solar Works

A. Solar Panels. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity.

B. Inverter. From there, the direct current (DC) that's produced by the solar panels flows to an inverter that converts the power into alternating current (AC), the electricity used by the outlets in your home or business.

C. Electrical Panel. Provides protection and isolation between your system and the electrical utility. It is installed when you receive your solar generating system, and runs separately from the panel (fuse box) you already have in your home or business.

D. Electricity Revenue Meter. Measures the amount of power your system has generated. It runs separately from your home or business utility meter.

E. Utility Meter. This is the meter you use today. It measures the electrical consumption inside your home or business.

F. Utility Grid. Connects your home or business to the electrical utility. The electricity your system generates flows directly into the grid.

Benefits of solar energy

  • Save the environment. Solar energy reduces the emissions from coal, oil and natural gas-powered electrical plants, which means decreased pollution and greenhouse gasses.
  • Easy to manage. Once it’s installed, a solar power system requires little or no maintenance. Plus, the solar panels we provide carry a 25-year manufacturer warranty. So you get worry-free solar energy over the life of your contract.

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